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Monday, August 11, 2008

WINNER!!! - The Fire Truck

I am so proud to announce the winner of this contest. I think Rebecca did a great job creating a costume design of a fire truck. The file showed me how much she worked on it and that is the main reason why I picked this as the winner. Rebecca will be mailed a great price for her contribution. There will be another contest soon, so keep checking. TFS!
Created by: Rebecca
Cartridges used: George
Download file here:


Betty Brett said...

This is a fantastic design! I love it! Congratulations!!!

I hope there will be other cuts that came in that will be posted soon, too!

Thanks for keeping this blog going! And thanks to all of the talented designers for sharing their work. I really appreciate what you do. I am just a humble beginner :-)


MaryNSC said...

WOW awsome job!! i hope i spelled that right

Kendra said...

I have nominated you for the Brillant Blog award please check my blog for information about the award and to add the award to your blog.
I have nominated your blog because your blog gives wonnderful ideas and inspiration to myself and other scrappers.

tlmc said...

Coincidentally, I was just telling DS that I needed a firetruck for ds's first b-day and ta da! Here is a perfect one!! Thanks so much for sharing this - it's fab!!


Jeremy and Ann said...

Awesome, I was just about to rip my hair out searching for a fire truck!

Jeremy and Ann said...

Is there a way to scale this up to a bigger size?

Jeremy and Ann said...

Is there a way to scale the fire truck up to a larger size?

Jen said...

Thank you!!!! the fire truck is AWESOME, can't wait to use it in my son's books!!

Kathy said...

I just think this would be awesome for my boys scrapbook but every time i click on the link it juat says loading files and the download never comes up. Is there a way to re add the link or fix this?

Craftylass said...


I just clicked on the link to the firetruck but got a list of other files. Is there another way of getting the file please?


What would you like .cut files of?