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Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Here is what you have to do to download files from If you are still having trouble with it, just try it a few more times before emailing me with any problems. Remember that some files from the US can't be opened in other countries and visa versa. It is a problem that Cricut themselves have to fix.
After you click the link you should see a page that looks like this. Click on the circled red words that read "Click here to start download...". After that a pop-out will come out that will ask you to Open or Save the file. Click save and select the folder you want to save your file in. If your computer doesn't ask you where you want to save the file, then you have probably saved it to the Desktop, either way, that is a setting that has to do with your computer only, not the website.

More detailed instructions:
Just go ahead and click on the link provided, the click on "Click here to start download" then click on Save and then select a folder in your computer for the file to be selected. If you have a hard time finding the saved file then just save it on your desktop. Then go ahead and open the software. click on file then open, and then search for the file you just downloaded. Click on the file and then it should pop out on your mat and there you can cut it or edit it any way you want.

Happy Scrapping!

Caro :o)

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Krista said...

What about the files from rapidshare? How do you go about downloading them? I can't seem to figure out how to get them.
Thanks in advance!

What would you like .cut files of?