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Friday, December 14, 2007

Send your stuff!

New guidelines!

If you have projects you would like to share then email me at and you MUST add the name of your file as the subject of the email, otherwise I won't accept your file. Also, you have to send me a picture, if you haven't cut it out at least send me a screenshot and please tell me the cartridges you used. I have a couple of requirements for the kind of file you send. 1. When it comes to words it has to be something everyone can use (not like a name). 2. For the most part things that take a long time and skill will be posted, if you can do something in like 3 welds, then what is the point of sharing. 3. If it is something new that no one has thought of, for sure I will post.

I am sorry for all the rules, but I have gotten ALOT, ALOT, ALOT of emails lately and I need a way to organize myself so that I can put post more files faster for all of you!

Thanks for bearing with me.

Caro :o)

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