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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Playing Cards & Dice

Created by: Melissa
Cartridges used: George
Note: On the dice, cut the shape first then back it white paper and add the lines with a red pen.
Download file here:


Bren said...

How fun! Thanks for sharing.

Brensdesigns on the MB

Anonymous said...

very it!!!!

Anonymous said...

what happened to caro i love her things and she is never on cricut message boards anymore??

Dana said...

I just got my Cricut machine and haven't used it yet. I have the George cartridge, but I don't quite understand your info about making the dice. I am trying to make BUNCO invitations. I assume the cube shape is on the George cartridge, but I don't understand what you mean by "back it white paper and add the lines with a red pen"? Can someone elaborate?


Anonymous said...

Hi Dana, what you'll need to do is cut the dice using the cricut. Then adhere the dice pieces to white paper and cut the white paper to the shape of the dice. Once that's done, then use a red pen to draw lines from top left, top right, and bottom center corners to where they meet in the "corner" on top of the dice. This makes it look 3 dimension, like a box. Hope this helps. Thanks.

scraphappysteph said...

I was looking all over for playing cards and these are going to be perfect for what I need. Thanks so much for putting the time to make them and sharing.

Sandra said...

this is just what I was looking for!! Unfortunatley, when I try to open the file I get an error message about the "Date Time". I have recently updated my DS firmware. Any ideas?

Cindy said...

Thanks! It was just what I was looking, perfect!

What would you like .cut files of?