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Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I hope that all of you have noticed how much easier it is now to search for the files you want in the blog. Thanks to Karen's help you can now select the cartridge that you are interested in using, and find out what kinds of projects you can cut out with it. We are constantly trying to make the experience easier and easier for you folks. It would be easier if this was a website, but I can't complain about Blogspot, because after all, it is a great site!

Thanks everyone, enjoy!

Caro :o)


Scrapkitgirl said...

Thanks! That's realy great!

Laurieinaz said...

Thanks, Caro, for all you and the others are doing. This is a great sharing site.

miloandotisnz said...

Hi Guys,
I want to say a huge "THANK YOU" for the great work you do and also the upgrades you do.
Its awesome that we can share like we do so THANKS...

Anonymous said...

Awesome job. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Many thanks to all contributors on this site! I am so inspired by this board. Love love love it!


What would you like .cut files of?