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Friday, January 4, 2008

George Ladybugs

There are 3 of the large ladybugs, measuring about 5 inches, that are cut from 6x12 and 8 of the small ladybugs, measuring about 3 inches, cut from 6x12. The word ladybug is on the small ladybug file. The word ladybug is on the small files and measures approximately 1 3/4 inches by 7 3/4 inches. Thanks to Shirley T for her hard work. These were all made using George

download here:
large wings:
large ladybugs:
little ladybugs:
little ladybug wings:


Tigerlily said...

I have tried downloading three out of the four links however none of them i can access. The error message reads: String was nor recognised as a valid Date Time. i look forward to your comments

yarntales said...

The little ladybugs have no circles. I assume we are to use a punch or something? to make the holes.

What would you like .cut files of?