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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

x-mas tags n more

1. I first made two copies of a candy cane at the exact same size, and then I rotated them, and then flipped one of them to make the X, then I clicked on both and selected the *welding option. Then I wrote out "-mas" and welding and clicking each letter and welding it together, I made it all come together with the candy canes to create one continuos word.
2. For the scalloped tag, I just got a tag from Christmas and then added a tree inside and made sure I selected welding for both things.
3. I did the same thing for the two other larger tags, except that I got the tag from George.
4. I flipped the word "Christmas" so that it would fit better, and then I added a star from george to the letter "i", it is helpful to go the magnifying view.
5. I made some extra circle tags with shapes inside them using welding, and an extra rectangular tag I rotated it, so that I could use the most out of my paper.

Here's a really helpful hint: You don't have to set up everything at the same time, if you already cut one element and want another one on the same paper but aligned perfectly, then just make sure the option for the preview to stay is checked on at the top menu, and then get a new paper in the same project. What this will do, is that it will show you what is on the previous paper, but it will not cut it, so in this new page you can do something new. The picture at the bottom shows how the preview looks.
Remember: Most of the images are on separate sheets, so you don't have to cut them all.
To download this project, go to:
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Mother of two said...

Fun combinations! I noticed the C in the word Christmas is not among your cut out pieces. Am I seeing the pic correctly and assuming that it ran off the page when cutting?

Does anyone know if there is a way to set Paper Size on the screen in DS so we can see where the cuts will fall on a page?

Thanks for putting this blog up!

Carolina :o) said...

I was careless really, on the DS you can see the lines on the mat, and I knew that my paper was shorter, I just didn't pay attention.

What would you like .cut files of?