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Friday, December 14, 2007

Circle, number meshes and polaroid frames

Melissa Greene sent me these designs to share with all of you. She has a few circle meshes, some polaroid frames and a number mesh. Her cartridges include Base Camp and George. I have made my own number mesh because I don't have Base camp which is what she used to make hers. Thanks Melissa!

Download it here (new link):
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tcmoniz said...

First let me say - I love your site!!

I wanted to ask - did Melissa send pictures of her number mesh - the actual cut out?

I saw yours, but I don't have George, so was going to try her's with Base Camp. When I click on preview, there is a big area in the middle that doesn't appear to be highlighted... so... I wasn't sure if perhaps I did something wrong. :)

I am going to try cutting anyway - what have I got to lose? :)

tcmoniz said...

I tried cutting it out, and the preview was right - there is a big place in the middle, where the outline of the numbers didn't cut out. :( Oh well - the rest of it looks great! If you hear from her, maybe you can ask how her's turned out. :)

What would you like .cut files of?